What If ... ?

Everyone had access to healthy food right in their home.

54 million Americans don't have access to healthy food.

Farmland could be returned to the forest.

1 acre of woods can absorb 2.5 tons of carbon annually.

Food was ready to eat when you were, 365 days a year.

103 million tons of food is thrown away each year in America - 41% of the food that is produced!

It's Possible!

At gropod we want to help empower you to make those “What If’s?” a reality. Using our undertstanding of technology and agriculture, we want to give you the tools and knowledge to make food Naturally Yours. No matter if that's using our technology or learning how to grow food in your backyard.

We believe you should own what you eat!

gropod lifestyle. empowering everyone to eat pure produce.